This page describe this website's free and open RESTful API's behavior

In order to be able to execute write operations, you first need to authenticate and obtain an API Key in your profile settings.

This key should be provided on each call in the X-API-KEY HTTP header.

API calls are subject to the same permissions than the web interface.

By example, you need to be part of the organization to modify one of its datasets.

Some method are paginated and always follow the same pattern. The object list is wrapped in a Page object.

You don't have to compute yourself the previous and next pages because the URLs are available in the response under the previous_page and next_page attributes. They will be set to null if there is no previous and/or next page.


                        "data": [{...}, {...}],
                        "page": 1,
                        "page_size": 20,
                        "total": 355,
                        "next_page": "",
                        "previous_page": null